My name is Dee Sproule and I am a Relationship Manager with Heartland.  I chose to work for Heartland because its reputation in the industry matched my business philosophy of always striving to bring value to my customers and prospects with integrity.

I’ve been in sales and sales management my entire career representing top-tier companies in the high-tech industry and the finance industry.  I’ve learned that remaining true to the core principal of bringing value to the people I meet brings a win-win to all involved – sometimes in small ways and often in ways enduring over time.

If you are interested in a consultation about the business services and products we provide – payment acceptance, payroll services, point-of-sale systems, and/or ecommerce solutions – give me a call or send me a note.  I will be glad to review your situation and possibly match our services and products with your needs.  And if not, perhaps I will have left you with some useful industry information.

“I had the privilege of working with Dee for many years.  She has expertise in both strategy and in technical applications.  Of all the vendors that visited our headquarters, Dee was by far the most welcome as the management team trusted her judgement, fairness, and integrity in a very competitive market.”
Aaron Pratt

“Dee has been a trusted, responsive vendor from the first day we met.  Her company provides top-tier products, but Dee provides the genuine and expert advice whenever I ask.  Overall, my Heartland experience makes my life easier.
Khaled Said – Owner, multi-unit restaurant business