Payment Processing

Start accepting all forms of payments with Heartland today.  Partner with the industry’s most secure payment processor to grow and protect your business.


Competitive pricing


No hidden fees


Real-time reporting


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With any method


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Interchange Plus Pricing

At Heartland, transparency drives everything we do.  That’s why we offer Interchange-Plus pricing – giving you full disclosure of how much goes to the card brands and how much our service costs.  This method allows you to see true costs preventing arbitrary price increases.

State-of-the-Art Security

With Heartland, you get a credit card processor that is dedicated to protecting your business.  We use three powerful technologies – EMV, end-to-end encryption, and tokenization to protect your customer’s card data as soon as the card is used, making all data completely useless to hackers.

No Hidden Fees

Other credit card processors mislead business owners by hiding extra fees and surcharges in confusing statements or statements with not enough detail.  At Heartland, fairness and transparency are our core values.  It defines my business practices and how I bring value to your business.  With Heartland, merchants can count on an easy-to-read credit card statement that clearly shows how much they paid and what they are accountable for.  This way, merchants know which fees were sent to the card brands, and the amount collected by Heartland—full disclosure and transparency.

Real-Time Merchant Account Reporting

Heartland customers have online access to their merchant account 24/7/365.  InfoCentral is Heartland’s robust online portal that gives you complete visibility into your transactions.  With Heartland’s web portal, merchants can check batches, deposits and transactions, run reports, download data, view monthly statements and order equipment, all in real time.  Heartland also makes it easy for card processing merchants to quickly and easily solve disputes through direct communication with our dispute resolution team via InfoCentral on your desktop or mobile device.

POS and e-Commerce Integration

Heartland’s payment processing technology integrates with hundreds of vendors and software programs including most payment acceptance needs via the web and web shopping carts.

Best-in-Class 24/7 Customer Service

Our U.S.-based service center provides live customer support 24/7/365, with calls answered in less than ten seconds on average. Unlike other 24/7 support lines, Heartland does not use a ticket system that requires waiting for a resolution.  A customer service representative immediately addresses our merchants’ inquiries.