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Payroll has to be done on time, and done right

Payroll can be complicated and time-consuming.  Heartland can help navigate the ever-changing complexities – letting you focus on growing your business.  Whether you are looking for a turnkey payroll service for your expanding employee base or offering a 401(k) for the first time, our full-service employee payroll services and HR services offers reliable solutions you can trust.


Customizable, User Friendly, Web-Based Payroll



Simple pricing with a 3-Year Price Lock


Single Point of Contact Service Model


Payroll plus HR Services

Customizable Web-Based Payroll

Heartland’s payroll service was designed to operate like a “plug and play” service so our clients have a logical, easy to navigate solution.  Each account is customized to accommodate the specific needs of each client’s present needs while providing flexibility for future enhancements if needed.  Heartland has a robust suite of inclusive services and the ability to integrate with other solutions to improve other areas of payroll/HR management.

Simple Pricing with a 3-Year Price Lock

Unlike many service providers, Heartland provides clear payroll pricing covering our all inclusive service offerings.  There are no hidden or surprise fees for any extra attention or customization.  Additionally, many businesses have experienced frustrating price increases for their payroll services once or twice a year.  Heartland values strong relationships with clients and is the only provider that offers a 3 year price lock which allows our clients to focus what they do best rather than monitoring payroll invoices.

Single Point of Contact Service Model

Our clients are assigned to a personal service representative who will serve as their point person for all service related needs. They are given direct phone extension and email address so they have direct access whenever needed.  Additionally, their local Heartland representative will provide on site assistance if needed to ensure our clients are receiving the service they deserve.

Payroll Plus HR Services

HR Support Center

  • Customizable company handbook
  • HR policy library
  • HR form library
  • Federal and state law library
  • HR templates and checklists
  • Email alerts

Our Info Center

  • Employee/employer role-based access
  • Communicate scheduling
  • Post announcements
  • Post new forms, procedures, and policy information with acknowledgement requirement

HR On-Demand

  • Unlimited support from SHRM-certified HR professionals
  • Guidance on employee issues and HR labor law issues
  • Development and directions on company handbook
  • Reviews, updating and customization of existing HR policies, procedures and forms
  • Advice and support on hiring, performance reviews and terminations
  • Guidance on unemployment claims and labor law notifications

Employee Files

  • Customizable employee management application
  • Electronic employee file storage and management
  • Employee self-service portal to access authorized information
  • Internal massaging system with ability for employee acknowledgement/electronic signatures

Business Partner Center

  • Provide your CPA and financial advisor along with employee benefit providers access to specific data related to the service they offer
  • Customized reports to fulfill external reporting requirements